Ideametrics Pvt. Ltd.: Complete Engineering Solution – FEA, Design, Drafting, Structural Design an

CIO Vendor The Engineering, Procurement, and Con¬struction (EPC) industry has witnessed a continual evolution in the last few decades due to the tremendous change taking place in the business and technology space there¬by necessitating partnerships with service providers to help them survive in the cut-throat competitive market. Businesses are on the lookout for service providers to develop products with Design, Drafting, FEA (Finite element Analysis), CFD (Computa¬tional Fluid Dynamics), Fitness for service (FFS) as per API-579, Struc¬tural Design and Steel Detailing. However, most companies have to outsource each task to a host of different vendors leading to a probable lack of seamless coordination, loss of time and increased cost. Spearheading these challenges is Maharash¬tra (India) located Ideametrics, a one-stop solution Multi¬disciplinary Engineering company that diligently works as a service provider in Mechanical and Civil Structural Ser¬vices. Understanding that the EPC industry is faced with the shortage of skilled manpower, the company prides itself on their in-house team with deep technical expertise in Design Drafting, Finite Element Analysis & CFD Analysis, Fitness for service (FFS) as per API-579, Structural Design using STAAD software and Steel Detailing using TEKLA & Ad¬vance Steel Design (ASD) software equipped with a com¬prehensive suite of licensed software and in-house software. The team with their industry rich experience is well versed in international codes and standards like ASME, API-579, PD – 5500, IS, AISC, ASI, BS, and Euro Design Codes. Mr. Sangram Powar, Managing Director of Ideametrics adds, “Our in-house availability of expertise ensures that the pro¬ject is executed within the specified time and is also very cost competitive which ultimately works in favour of the end client.”

Established in 2011, Ideametrics extends their services of Design, Drafting, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Fitness for service (FFS) as per API-579, Structural Design and Steel Detailing Services to a gamut of industries like Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals, and Civil. The company has a proven track record of
working with more than 200 clients globally spread across Malaysia, India, US, Singapore and the likes, stating to possess an almost 100 percent client retention rate.

The team with their industry rich experience is well versed in international codes and standards like ASME, API-579, PD – 5500, IS, AISC, ASI, BS, and Euro Design Codes

Delving deeper into the offerings, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a technique utilized to discover a solution by subdividing large problems into finite elements. Fatigue Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Structural Analy¬sis, Failure analysis, Fitness for Service (FFS) as per API 579 and Creep Analysis are the different types of FEA. Additionally, companies leverage Com¬putational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)to forecast an extensive variety of issues identified with flow veloc¬ity, density determined by fluid flow. Ideametrics provides Design and Drafting services for Pro¬cess Industry Equipment like Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Mounded Bullets, Silos, Columns etc. Also, working across Me-chanical sector, Ideametrics is into Civil Sector –Design using STAAD software and Detailing of Steel Structures using TEKLA & ASD software.
Ideametrics just into its 7th year is currently working on few projects for the Indian Space Agency of Government of India - ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) – testament of the impeccable service and support.

Striving to meet and exceed client expectations, the com¬pany has recently ventured into Manufacturing of Process Industry Equipment and is looking forward to establishing itself as EPC by utilizing in-house engineering capabilities and manufacture equipment on its own. With a strong and loyal customer base in Malaysia, UK, and US, the compa¬ny envisions branching out into the aforementioned loca¬tions and aims to become an MNC in the span of the next few years.