Prescient Technologies: Empowering Engineering R&D Initiatives

CIO Vendor In an era characterized by rapidly emerging technological advances, the engineering and manufacturing sectors are challenged by the need to stay relevant in a fiercely competitive landscape where the time to market superior and error-free products keeps diminishing. Moreover, the engineering domain is inundated with complex, large-scale projects that demand high precision design analysis prior to and during the stages of every project development process. These challenges coupled with the many intricacies of engineering projects mean that today’s engineers face the need to design, test and prepare for manufacturing while simultaneously managing large amounts of data in limited periods of time. As a result, the industry is in dire need of the superior and diverse capabilities in CAD/CAM/PLM, in order to equip engineers with better visualization and data handling attributes that are indispensable for creating proficient products. Acknowledging these requisites, Pune, Maharashtra headquartered Prescient Technologies brings affordable, reliable and advanced Software Services and Engineering Capabilities to the engineering industry to help enterprises meet the real challenges of the industry.

Since its inception in 2000, Prescient Technologies has been functioning as a Software Development company that provides end-to-end CAD, CAM and PLM applications as well as Engineering Services to assist its clients in achieving more innovation, reducing physical constraints, shortening the development life-cycle and improving the overall design, visualization and simulation of their products. In alignment with its vision to harness its software development abilities and emerge as a dominant technology company in the global arena, Prescient has been solving complex engineering problems through its key strengths of Engineering, Algorithms and Mathematics, thereby helping companies distinguish themselves in today’s competitive Industry 4.0 scenario.

The company’s expansive product portfolio includes CAD/CAM Software Development, CAD Engineering and Design, CAD Customization, CAE Services, Tools and Fixture Design, Product Design and Reverse Engineering Services. Prescient serves as an R&D partner for several engineering companies and tackles a number of challenging projects across diverse domains. The company accomplishes this through the able guidance of its Founder and CEO- Pravin Waghmare, a Mechanical Engineering Postgraduate of IIT Bombay with over 25 years of experience in the domain. Pravin’s passion for Algorithms, Mathematics and Engineering along with his innovative approach to problem solving, has merged with the DNA of Prescient to help the organization scale new heights in its Engineering Design and R&D initiatives across the globe.
Enhancing Design Conceptualization with CAD and CAE Services.

With a team of CAD Specialists with extensive expertise in designing and drafting, the Prescient team leverages a variety of software tools such as NX, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Creo, Autodesk Inventor, CATIA etc., to build both simple and complex 3D models. Post modeling, the company also carries out 2D drafting in order to accurately and unambiguously capture all the geometric features of a product or a component and thereby convey all the required information that will allow manufacturers to produce that component. In addition to CAD Design, the Prescient team also provides Simulation and CAE Services that facilitate product designers with multiple performance conditions to test on the product designs, thereby reducing the product failure rate and product development time, lowering manufacturing costs and increasing the product efficiency. Prescient also leverages its knowledge of various manufacturing processes to develop high precision tools and fixtures for the industry. Recognizing that fixtures play a crucial role in locating and supporting building processes in manufacturing, Prescient designs them with utmost care and precision to
ensure reliability and quality in design and manufacturing of products at mass scale.

Boosting Engineering R&D

All Engineering companies today are looking for a means of innovation to both enhance their productivity and simultaneously reduce their development time. Moreover, with the emergence of the Industry 4.0, organizations are driven by the need to remain distinctive in an increasingly fierce market and are looking to automate every aspect of their business, including design, production, inspection and logistics. However, the in-house R&D teams of these organizations often lack the necessary bandwidth and in certain cases, the mixed skill-sets in the areas of software development, algorithms, automation and machine interactions, to achieve the targets that are set for them by their management. Prescient fills this gap by serving as an extended R&D team for Engineering companies, and renders its mathematical and algorithmic capabilities to further R&D initiatives in the areas of Optimization, Design Automation, Production Planning and Scheduling, and Machine learning/AI based Applications. “In order to solve the complex problems of the industry, a deep and committed focus on R&D is indispensable. Every new problem is an opportunity to innovate and requires critical thinking, evaluation and brainstorming to find the right solution,” remarks Vinayak Lele, CTO & Director, Prescient Technologies.

Prescient Technologies brings affordable, reliable and advanced Software Services and Engineering Capabilities to the engineering industry to help enterprises meet the real challenges of the industry

The company’s R&D services have been leveraged by leading engineering companies and machine manufactures to design innovations for AI and IoT based applications, Design Automation Systems and Vision Based Inspection Systems. One such example is a reputed materials handling company, for which Prescient has recently developed a complete online Design Automation Framework. The system which has been created to offer real-time solutions for typically time-consuming problems, allows users to choose key parameters in a simple form on their web pages. The inputs are then processed on a server with a set of Design Rule Engines, so as to generate 3D Models and 2D Drawings as per the specifications provided by the user. While the application creates huge opportunities for its prospective users to attain customized specifications quickly, it also allows on-site sales teams to facilitate their clients with the necessary details in real-time.

The Road Ahead

Having operated in this domain for almost two decades, the company has delivered its services to a number of industry verticals and has gained adequate technical expertise through its various engagements. Believing that quality is at the core of its every venture, Prescient had earned the trust of its global clients and has grown to be one of the preferred Technology and R&D partners for engineering companies worldwide. Combining this expertise with the creative thinking and business intelligence of its team, Prescient hopes to leverage rapidly growing technology innovations to build customized and futuristic engineering solutions for businesses as well as empower their R&D initiatives in the upcoming future.