Wakidok Innovative Solutions: Offering End-to-end Engineering Services from Design to Digital Testing

CIO Vendor Engineering Services in India have evolved from being just CAD conversion to complete product design and development. In order to focus on core activities, supplement the in-house capabilities, address the technical complexities in product development and reduce overhead costs and time, companies are outsourcing the engineering services to the firms with domain expertise and vast experience in providing engineering services. So, they are looking for a strategic partner who can work closely with their in-house teams in the product development and provide cost effective solutions at a faster pace. This is where Wakidok Innovative Solutions, an engineering design, simulation, consulting and training company has positioned itself in the industry by providing innovative and cost-effective engineering services to various firms.

Wakidok Innovative Solutions, a company headquartered at Thane focuses mainly on Electro-Mechanical Design, Civil and Structural Design and Computer Aided Engineering. The company provides consulting to the clients in productivity improvement, waste elimination, structured problem solving and process improvement. It also offers classroom and online trainings to the client’s employees on technical topics like Failure Mode Analysis and Value Engineering to up-skill the human resources.

Touching up the finer details in Product Development
Design of electromechanical systems needs a lot of attention to finer details of the product, system reliability and compliance to standards. Wakidok with vast subject knowledge on various manufacturing processes and industry standards in Electro-Mechanical Design domain provides solutions for both consumer product and industrial product design.
“Accuracy of design, design within cost targets and speed of delivery are key factors to decide success of product. Our internal design reviews, regular project updates to clients, strict quality check of every deliverable and First-Time Right approach avoids any major rework in design, thereby reducing overall cost. We have a well defined internal quality control process to ensure accurate design, perfect execution and ontime delivery of the product,” informs Chandrashekhar Deshpande, Chief Technical Advisor, Wakidok.

Providing Structural Design and Computer Aided Engineering Services
Structural design of any building, be it factory, warehouse, office or residential complex, determines the safety of human beings living or working in the building. With more than three decades of experience in Civil and Structural Engineering, Wakidok offers structural design services to variety of structures ranging from a small residential structure to very big process plants and RCC structures by considering static and dynamic loads, seismic requirements and strength of materials, environmental conditions, wind speeds to ensure safety of the building and human life. The company also performs structural auditing of the buildings and provides detailed audit reports and recommendations to restore and prolong life of the structure through preventive maintenance.

Companies are opting for Computer Aided Simulation to minimize the number of physical tests and reduce iterations in the product design. Wakidok helps its clients in conducting various simulations on product design to eliminate the need for building multiple prototypes by using industry proven simulation tools and Multiphysics methodologies. “We perform digital testing during design stage to reduce the need of building multiple prototypes for testing. We predict the performance of product by simulating actual conditions like loads and forces through digital testing. Through our CAE services, we help our clients eliminate the intermediate prototypes and launch highly robust products in a fast manner,” concludes Chandrashekhar.